Victims Of Ifeanyi Uba’s Convoy Assassination Identified (PHOTOS)

People who died from the attack on Senator Ifeanyi Uba’s convoy on Sunday, September 11, have been identified, and not less than 10 persons died.

According to source, the Personal Treasurer of the Senator, Mr. Ikechukwu Obum, who is his most trusted aide, as well as the Personal Assistant to the Senator, Mr. Goodnews Mathias, died.

Other deceased persons involved in the attack were six mobile police officers who were riding in the convoy, and a driver who drove one of the cars belonging to the senator.However, the tenth person who lost his life was not among the Senator’s convoy, but rather, a man identified as Onowu Agu-ukwu Nri, who is a titled chief in the neighboring Nri community.

He is said to have driven to the venue of the incident to drop off his visitor, who was traveling to Lagos, with his Jeep. He was, unfortunately, mistaken to be in the same convoy with the Senator, and was shot dead.

“In the confusion yesterday, all the cars were just jamming each other. Since the vehicle the senator was driving in was a bullet proof car, his driver managed to manoeuver out of the damaged cars and drove away, even as it was being shot,” the source stated.

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