Hushpuppi to spend 135 months in jail

The District Court in Central California has been urged to sentence Hushpuppi, to 135 months in jail for fraud. This is the position of the United States government. Hushpuppi, a Nigerian Instagram celebrity, Ramon Abbas, popularly known as Hushpuppi, was arrested in Dubai, the United Arab Emirate (UAE) in June 2020, The Nation newspaper reports.


It gave its reasons for proposing the equivalent of 11 years and three months jail time for Mr Abbas in its court filings.


The international fraudster has robbed victims of their money in the U.S., Qatar, the United Kingdom, and other places.


He was taken to the U.S, where he was charged with fraud and money laundering. In July 2021, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to engage in money laundering. He admitted to conspiring with multiple persons within and outside the U.S to launder the proceeds of the fraudulent scheme perpetrated against persons and businesses in different countries.


The Nation Community reported earlier that the trial judge, Otis Wright, has fixed 7 November as the date to sentence Hushpuppi.


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