ASUU STRIKE: Why Students May Not Resume Immediately Strike is Suspended – Report

Strike as an effect of Government inconsistencies doesn’t just affect the academic institution’s productivity, but it also takes it’s toll on the students who are supposed to be in an excellent academic condition.


A large number of students may not be able to return to school after the strike is revoked due to some reasons beyond their control and there are factors to be considered. Underlying factors such as lack of financial support from parents/guardians, who because of the hard condition of the economy have been channeling their resources to other important needs in their respective families and businesses owing to the fact that schools are being shut down for extended periods.


The safety of the school environment is another factor that affects the response of students to the recently called off strike, a lot of kidnappings and security hazards occur on the way to some schools and the students are usually the victims, so a large percentage of parents/guardians restrict their wards from traveling in unsafe environments till there is a an assurance of safety.


Students also experience laxity from school management and lecturers during the early weeks after strike has been called off, so they see no need to get back to school on time to learn nothing, so they tend to stay home till there is a proper commencement of academic activities.


A large percentage of students have traveled out of the country for vacation and to fend for themselves due to the on going economic crisis, so they also will definitely not be available to resume academic activities immediately the strike is called off.


And finally a lot of students, especially the females have gotten married into respective homes and they will either be on their honeymoon or they’re currently in a maternal state. So this also results in a decline in response from the students after the strike is canceled.

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  • That’s rubbish excuse because of those that are in there honeymoon and vacation that’s why we are not going to resume school immediately ASUU are wicked. What of those people that what to resume, or those people that are freshers are we going to be staying at home till this year ends. God will judge you people this one is not that they owing you guys now is because of rubbish thing that’s why you people are saying we’re not going to resume immediately, because your kids are not in Federal universities.

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